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to the hospital soon. >>> and now in london, a pregnant kate middleton, the duchess of cambridge, is hospitalized for a second day and treated for a rare and extreme form of morning sickness. lama hasan has the latest from london. >> reporter: the last time the world saw kate middleton was on friday, a picture of health, playing field hockey. now we learn the duchess of cambridge is pregnant and hospitalized for a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. the palace saying as the pregnancy is in its very early stages, her royal highness is expected to stay in hospital for several days and will require a period of rest thereafter. hg is a severe form of morning sickness that debilitates 2% of expeck tant mothers, caution vomiting, weight loss, and dehydration. kate is likely less than 12 weeks pregnant. in most cases the condition will ease after 16 week. doctors say h.g. can also give a hintd about the baby. stoil s studies show mothers that experience it have slightly higher odds of carrying a girl or twins. and if there are twins and there needs to be a c-section, doctors tell us that it is cle
weeks, officially over. >> snooki wants to give baby advice to kate middleton. her number one advice, find out advice to kate middleton. her number one advice, find out who the father is. captioning funded by cbs e to cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." headline out of washington, a lot of talk. not a lot of action. not surprisingly, the white house and congress remain far from any deal to prevent automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. >> with just 27 days to go, republicans are not talking with the obama administration and the president is only talking on tv. major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. yesterday at the white house there were vague references to conversations about the the fiscal cliff with congress iion republicans. i can confirm this morning through my sources here at the white house and on capitol hill that there were no substantive conversations or negotiations yesterday at all. no formal e-mails, to conversations, nothing. house speaker boehner's countdown led to the lighting of the capitol hill christmas t
out of london. lama hasan is outside of the hospital where kate middleton checked out, roses in her hand. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, george. just moments ago, a very happy duke and duchess of cambridge left the hospital behind me. one of the reporters asked kate if she was feeling any better. kate nodded and smiled and replied yes. after three days and three nights in the hospital, kate, suffering from acute morning sickness, just departed the hospital with william, waving and smiling to well-wishers. the palace told abc news, she will head to kensington palace for a period of rest. william and kate issued a statement, thanking the staff at the hospital for the care and treatment the duchess has received. kate will be trying to recuperate at home. but this condition sometimes lasts through the first trimester. and some mothers in the most difficult cases face symptoms throughout the pregnancy. >> if she's been hospitalized already this early on in the pregnancy, that means there's a greater chance she'll be hospitalized again. >> often times, we see people coming
reportamos de la broma telefÓnica, echa por presentadores de radio australianos, kate middleton estaba en el hospital por un caso de nauseas, en el hospitit, la enfermera se arrancÓ la vida por el amargo incidente. >>> jacinta saldana, fue hallada muerta en la madrugada del viernes en su residencia cerca del hospital rey eduardo sÉptimo, donde el martes recibÓo esta llamada. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> se escucha la voz de la presentadora de una radio de raus tralia, haciendo pasar por la reina isabel, le dice a la enfermera que quiere saber de la condiciÓn de kate. >>> saldana cae en la trampa, y trata de auxiliarla, sur, y se especula que esta experiencia la hizo sentir tan mal, se quitÓ la vida. las autoridad lamentaron su muerte. >>> estamos profundamente tristes al confirmar la muerte de un miembro del equipo de enfermeras, saldana tenÍa 4 hijos, trabajÓ en el hospital por mÁs de 4 aÑos, sus jefes la describieron como una excelente enfermera muy popular entre sus coel gas, la duquesa y el duque expresaron la profunda tristeza, los locutores dijeron que estÁn afectados, y fue
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)

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